My Writing Journal

My Writing Journal

My Writing Journal

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'My Writing Journal' is a book created by each pupil over the course of a year in primary school. It will contain all their finished pieces of writing and will surely be treasured by all for many years.

We hope that by the end of sixth class, each pupil will have produced four copies of 'My Writing Journal', containing all their finished pieces of writing for each year across third, fourth, fifth and sixth class.

The four volumes of 'My Writing Journal' will chart their progress and development as young writers and represent a nice portfolio of their collected work, from their time in primary school.

How it works:
• Each pupil is given a title for a piece of writing or freely chooses one of his/her own.
• The planning, the first draft, the revisions, the redrafting, the correcting and proofing is all done in a standard copybook. Only then is it republished / rewritten into their 'Writing Journal'.
• The final piece of writing is rewritten into 'My Writing Journal' in the child's neatest handwriting and illustrated with a suitable drawing. Children can pass around their 'Writing Journal' and allow their friends to read, enjoy and appreciate their writing as each 'journal' will only contain the finished & polished piece, which is not only correct, neat and illustrated, but free of all the marks of the writing process. Not a red mark in sight!

• Over the course of the year, 'My Writing Journal' begins to fill with a variety of writing, from stories and poems to reports and letters and much more. lt builds into a beautiful and precious book for each pupil, that will be valued and treasured.

• lf you want to give writing the focus it deserves, and if you want to instil & foster the impulse to write within your pupils, then ensure that each child in your class has a copy of 'My Writing Journal' for the coming school year.