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Allbooks Ireland

Allbooks.ie is fully owned and managed by Allbooks & News Ltd. We have been selling general reading books, primary school books and secondary school books as well as stationery since May 2004. Our staff at Allbooks.ie have over thirty five years experience in Irish educational school book selling.

Allbooks.ie is 100% Irish owned with offices in Dublin & Portlaoise, County Laois.

At Allbooks, we pride ourselves with a vast knowledge of reading books, primary schoolbooks, secondary schoolbooks and all your accompanying school stationery products, at all times we at Allbooks.ie strive to give our school book customers the best possible schoolbook service.

If there is any reading book,  primary school books or secondary school books you cannot find or wish to source please contact us at info@allbooks.ie and we will do our very best to facilitate your  query.

We also stock all the school book items you may need to help get your little ones back to school, from schoolbags, lunchboxes, beakers etc to more specialized goods as compasses, technical graphic sets and T squares, we have it all covered, speaking of which Allbooks.ie offer a school book covering service for only 99c per book.

Schools and teachers may avail of school book discount and credit facilities please see School & Teacher Login for details. Schoolbookstore.ie also carry a large selection of classroom products, from art and craft supplies to general teacher products.

Full contact details are:


PH: 057 86 64300
FAX: 057 86 64303
EMAIL: hello@allbooks.ie