Handwriting Today Book B

Handwriting Today Book B

Handwriting Today Book B

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Handwriting Today is a comprehensive cursive handwriting programme for Irish students.

Handwriting Today:
• Removes the need for teaching a pre-cursive letter formation. It introduces individual letters at Book A level, that have the identical shape and form of those used at later stages when joining letters and creating words
• Starts with a cursive font and builds to joins and words quickly.
• Uses a flowing cursive font that combines the best of traditional and contemporary fonts to create an easy-to-write and easy-on-the-eye writing style. Students find this an easy beginning.
• Focuses on the flow of letters and text and avoids a start-stop writing style which in turn leads to illegible writing in later years. A smooth flowing style is the result of using Handwriting Today.
• Makes it easy for young children to build their skills, as in the early stages all lower case letters share the same starting point

Handwriting Today is available from Book A to Book D

Book A - Letters are introduced in Book A where young writers practise word shapes and formations before moving to joined in the following year
Book B - Looks at creating joins and practising various letter combinations leading to the writing of words
Book C - Builds on joins, combining multiple joins into words, groups of words and sentences
Book D - Provides opportunity for children to practise their writing in context of every day usage and cross-curricular themes. Providing for letter and join revision as appropriate.

What will the teacher get with Handwriting Today?
• Over 72 activity pages in each level
• Regular revision and consolidation
• A teacher assessment framework
• This programme provides a developmental approach to handwriting
• A diversity of resources that allows for individual attention to student progress and a comprehensive approach to differentiation of the class handwriting programme