Fallon's Oxford School Atlas

Fallon's Oxford School Atlas

Fallon's Oxford School Atlas

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This colourful and lively atlas is designed to help pupils develop atlas and mapping skills. This special Irish edition features a detailed eight page section covering Ireland.

A new atlas for children in Irish Primary Schools with up-to-date mapping of Ireland, Europe and the world.

It includes a specially-commissioned eighteen page section devoted to maps of Ireland, presented in Irish and English on opposite pages:

• Counties and towns
• Provinces
• Mountains, rivers and lakes
• Islands, inlets, bays and headlands
• Composite physical features
• Ordnance Survey maps (urban and rural).

Other features include:

• Individual maps of England, Wales, Scotland, European Union, Europe, Spain and Portugal, France and Italy

• Separate political and physical maps of all continents
• Individual maps of Canada and the USA
• Separate sections on atlas literacy and atlas numeracy
• Indexes of place names, up-to-date country statistics and flags of the world.