Don't Look Back-Jo Spain

Don't Look Back-Jo Spain

Don't Look Back-Jo Spain

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For one week, everything in Luke Miller's life is perfect. Surprised with a belated honeymoon by his wife, Rose, he's had seven days with her in a Caribbean paradise. It's more than he ever thought he'd deserve.

But as they pack their bags, Rose breaks down, confessing that on the day they left London, a violent man from her past tracked her down and broke into their home. He wasn't expecting her to fight back. And, in her terror, Rose killed him. Now there's a dead body in Luke's apartment, and only one person he can think to turn to.

Mickey Sheils never expected to hear from Luke again, not after he disappeared the first time. Luke knows Mickey can't deny a woman who needs help, so she promises she'll deal with things - she'll make sure Rose doesn't have to keep running.

But it turns out, some lies are too big to run from.

Praise for Jo Spain

'Jo Spain is a brilliant, compelling storyteller' Jane Casey on THE PERFECT LIE

'A top-notch thriller' T. M. Logan on THE PERFECT LIE

A fabulous page-turner that will keep you guessing and guessing' Cara Hunter on THE PERFECT LIE