An Eye on Ireland - Justine McCarthy

An Eye on Ireland - Justine McCarthy

An Eye on Ireland - Justine McCarthy

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When Justine McCarthy was a young freelance journalist working for the Irish Independent, she found herself barred from entering the building. An NUJ chapel had passed a vote. She and another female colleague were getting too many bylines and it was not to be tolerated.

Such was the male-dominated culture in which Justine cut her teeth as a reporter in 1980s Ireland, in an industry that revolved around boys' networks and pub life.

For over three decades since, her fearless journalism and commentary has challenged and smashed stereotypes as she, in her own words, 'grew up alongside my country'. Her work has charted Ireland's social, political and cultural journey, through seismic change.

From the Kilkenny incest case to child sexual abuse scandals, to the Northern Ireland Troubles and peace process to the major reforming referendums of equal marriage and Repeal of the 8th in the Republic, Justine McCarthy has tracked Ireland's transition from a conservative clerically influenced society to a more progressive, secular one.

An Eye on Ireland brings the best of her work into a single volume, along with an extended personal essay to open the book, in which she looks back over her life and career: from a fearful child with a passion for writing to an intrepid reporter with a thirst for social justice and equality, whose widow mother's words were never far from her mind: 'a woman must be able to fend for herself'.