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Allons En France 1 - French For 1st Year - 2nd Edition

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• The series has been reorganised: Book 1 is designed specifically for 1st years. Book 2 for 2nd and 3rd years. Each can be used with Higher and Ordinary levels.
• The content has been changed to make it more accessible and user-friendly, allowing the student to ease into the language.
• Encourages an awareness of how the language works in a clear and simple way while offering a wealth of information about France and the French.
• Provides continuous revision and frequent opportunities to recycle language.
• Prepares the student thoroughly for the Junior Certificate by taking a very logical progression through the course.
• Every chapter is divided into 3 sections:
• Section 1: ‘écoutez!’ introduces the student to new language in the form of short dialogues and texts.
• Section 2: ‘Découvrez les règles!’ shows how the language works. Learners must formulate rules about the language presented in the first pages (the ‘écoutez’ section). So, identify, state and memorise the structure!
• Section 3: ‘à vous!’ contains a great variety of activities where students have to reproduce what they have learnt in the previous two sections. This includes activities such as écoutez, complétez, reliez, présentez-vous, dictée, jeux de rôles, prononcez bien, lisez, écrivez, cherchez and parlez.

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