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Secondary School Books in Ireland

At School Book Store we supply Secondary School Books for the Irish curriculum. We have Secondary School Books which cater for all classes from 1st Year up to 6th Year.

You can avail of a school book discount or free school book covering for all of your Secondary School Books at our school book checkout.

We also stock a full range of Stationery and Arts & Craft for Secondary School.

As well as Secondary School Books we also stock Primary School Books & PLC Books for the Irish Curriculum.

Aufbruch - A Structurted Work Plan For Transition Year German
A Structured Work Plan for Transition Year German. Aufbruch contains: • Extensive oral...  
Our Price€15.95
Ausblick provides a wealth of interesting and stimulating material for students of Transition Year....  
Our Price€15.95
B? Ag Scr?obh! Glance Card
This is a four paged, laminated “fold-over” card, A4 in size. Its purpose is to get...  
Our Price€4.50
Briathra na Gaeilge
A handy reference book containing lists of both regular and irregular verbs in Irish. It can be used...  
Our Price€7.40
Cahier Clef
This Junior Certificate French workbook is suitable for both Higher and Ordinary Level, it also...  
Our Price€11.50
Carrefour - French for Transition Year - 2nd Edition
• Taking a thematic approach, Carrefour is an ideal bridge between Junior and Leaving...  
Our Price€15.99
Chasse Aux Trésors
Chasse Aux Trésors is a French course for Transition Year that releases pupils from the...  
Our Price€15.95
Cogar Nua!
• Tá sé oiriúnach do gach leibhéal meánscoile ón...  
Our Price€13.95
Complete French Grammar
French Grammar for Secondary School • Clearly written, concise grammar book for all levels...  
Our Price€3.95
Complete German Grammar
• Clear & concise step-by-step grammar book. • Covers all the main aspects of German...  
Our Price€5.95
Complete Spanish Grammar
• Clear & concise step-by-step grammar book. • Covers all the main aspects of Spanish...  
Our Price€3.95
Edco New World Atlas
A suitable atlas for Post-Primary Geography students. • Accessible, clear and easy to use...  
Our Price€15.95
French Verbs
This Junior & Leaving Certificate French book for Higher and Ordinary Level includes sections...  
Our Price€8.80
Gaelsaol San Idirbhliain
A new Transition Year Gaeilge textbook packed with written, oral and aural activities.
Our Price€15.95
Gearrchúrsa Gramadaí
This is a short Irish grammar book.
Our Price€7.50
Good News Bible
The Catholic Good News Bible Schools edition offers the perfect combination of readable,...  
Our Price€16.95
Graiméar An Draoi
A modern Irish Grammar book suitable for Post Primary Ordinary and Higher Level. • Lots of...  
Our Price€9.95
Graiméar don Mheánscoil
• Leabhar teagaisc agus leabhar saothair é seo a chlúdaonn na gnéithe is...  
Our Price€5.95
Graiméar Is Féidir Leat!
Cur chuige soileir agus cuimsitheach I leith fhoghlaim na gramadaí, ag cur san aireamh an...  
Our Price€10.25
Graiméar Meánscoile
Grammar Course for Secondary Schools. This work is focused entirely on secondary school students -...  
Our Price€14.60
Grammaire Pour Tout Le Monde
This Junior Certificate French book is suitable for Higher and Ordinary Level. • It is...  
Our Price€15.50
ICT Skills In The Classroom
• Adopts a ‘learning by doing’ approach, where skills and concepts are broken down...  
Our Price€35.99
Idir an Dá Linn - Gaeilge don Idirbhliain
This vibrant, full-colour activity book is the ideal bridge for students from Junior to Leaving...  
Our Price€16.99
In Bocca Al lupo!
New exciting Italian coursebook for senior cycle. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students....  
Our Price€30.75
In Transition - An Anthology of Texts & Tasks For Transition Year English
In Transition is the first book to really address the need for a Transition Year English...  
Our Price€12.00
Integrated IT Assignments
Suitable for students who have already acquired a basic level of I.T. skills. • Contains 30...  
Our Price€16.99
Introducing ICT - Basic To Intermediate
• The assignments are graded and progressive, to suit all abilities, and cover word processing,...  
Our Price€17.99
Learning Through Work Experience
• A documentation tool encouraging a reflective approach to work experience...  
Our Price€9.95
Los Geht's! - Transition Year German
Los geht’s! is a combined textbook and workbook, designed specifically for Transition Year...  
Our Price€23.55
Make The Transition Business
A vibrant Transition Year Business textbook. This text is part of the Make the Transition...  
Our Price€17.50
Make The Transition English - 2nd Edition
NEW - An appealing, engaging and thoroughly revised textbook for Transition Year English with a huge...  
Our Price€17.50
Make The Transition French - 2nd Edition
NEW! Make the Transition: French (2nd Edition) is packed full of exciting and interesting...  
Our Price€17.50
Make The Transition Geography
An exciting Transition Year Geography textbook. This text is part of the Make the Transition...  
Our Price€17.50
Make The Transition History
An excellent Transition Year History textbook. This text is part of the Make the Transition...  
Our Price€17.50
Make The Transition Irish - 2nd Edition
NEW! Make the Transition: Gaeilge provides an excellent opportunity to present the Irish language...  
Our Price€17.50
School Books Ireland
This book is suitable for Senior Primary and all Secondary Students. This book is designed...  
Our Price€12.70
Rubicon - Transition Year English
Provides a wide selection of texts to be enjoyed by all Transition Year students, including prose...  
Our Price€15.95
This book is designed for the Leaving Certificate Ardleibhéal Irish course and prepares...  
Our Price€15.05
Smart Cooking 1 - Includes Free eBook
Smart Cooking 1 (Junior Certificate and Transition Year) is different: it is not just another recipe...  
Our Price€22.90
Smart Cooking 2
Smart Cooking 2 is a spiral-bound text used from Transition Year right through to Leaving...  
Our Price€25.15
Spanish Verbs
This Leaving Certificate Spanish book for Higher and Ordinary Level includes sections on general...  
Our Price€5.80
Tairseach - Transition Year Irish
Gives transition year students a wonderful chance to look at the Irish language and culture in...  
Our Price€18.85
Text - Transition Year English
TEXT is a wide-ranging, challenging and stimulating anthology for Transition Year. It...  
Our Price€20.25
The Write Stuff - English & Media Studies for Transition Year
• The Write Stuff presents a wide range of contemporary texts alongside classical material, all...  
Our Price€13.50
Transition Maths - 2nd Edition
Smart civilisations introduce their young people to new branches of mathematics and encourage their...  
Our Price€15.95
Übung Macht Den Meister - Junior Certificate German
Ubung macht den Meister aims to supplement the communicative courses used in the teaching of German....  
Our Price€17.30
Watch Your Language - Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary - 2nd Edition
• New two-colour design. • New edition includes even more emphasis on exam practice...  
Our Price€14.50
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