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Primary School Books in Ireland

At School Book Store we supply Primary School Books for the Irish curriculum. We have Primary School Books which cater for all primary school classes from Junior Infants up to Sixth Class.

You can avail of a school book discount or free school book covering for all of your Primary School Books at our school book checkout.

We also stock a full range of Stationery and Arts & Craft for Primary School.

As well as Primary School Books we also stock Secondary School Books & PLC Books for the Irish Curriculum.

Action Maths 3 - Third Class
Action Maths is a creative Maths series that has been developed by a team of experienced primary...  
Our Price€16.50
Better Maths 3 - Numeracy Skills Third Class Activity Book
Better Maths numeracy skills series is: • a step-by-step Numeracy Plan from 1st to 6th...  
Our Price€5.95
Brain Teasers 3
• Brain Teasers is a series of mental mathematics tests in accord with the objectives as laid...  
Our Price€8.75
Busy At Maths 3 Shadow Book - Third Class
The Busy at Maths Sixth Class package provides the teacher with all the tools to meet the...  
Our Price€7.80
Busy At Maths 3rd Class - Textbook
Busy at Maths is a new, vibrant and fully-integrated programme for the teaching of maths in primary...  
Our Price€18.80
Cracking Maths 3rd Class - Enrichment Book
Cracking Maths focuses on the skills of the curriculum, rather than just the content, promoting real...  
Our Price€7.50
Cracking Maths 3rd Class - Textbook
Cracking Maths focuses on the skills of the curriculum, rather than just the content, promoting real...  
Our Price€17.50
School Books Ireland
Features: visually appealing series of photocopiable activities designed for Nursery and...  
Our Price€14.95
Essential Facts & Tables
• excellent and invaluable reference guide packed with a wealth of useful information •...  
Our Price€2.99
Essential Study Guide Maths: Numbers/Algebra/Strategies
Pupils will find these attractive, easy-to-use, double sided reference materials crucial to...  
Our Price€2.50
Essential Study Guide Maths: Shape/Space/Measurement/Data
Pupils will find these attractive, eary-to-use, double-sided reference materials crucial to everyday...  
Our Price€2.50
Fallon's Spelling & Table Book
• Primary Spelling and Table Book. • Combined for first to sixth class. • This...  
Our Price€8.05
Fallon's Table Book
A comprehensive table book for primary school.
Our Price€2.25
Figure It Out 3
• This edition of Figure it Out 3 has been completely revised to take account of the objectives...  
Our Price€8.35
Harry's Magic Tables - Learn Your Times Tables In As Little As A Week!
Nine year old Harry Moraghan never found maths easy. Then he discovered he REALLY hated it when...  
Our Price€6.99
Mad 4 Maths 3rd class
Mad 4 Maths is a series of 5 mental maths books from 2nd class to 6th class. The series is...  
Our Price€5.95
Master Your Maths 3 -  Mental Maths & Problem Solving Activities - Third Class
Master Your Maths is a new series of innovative activity books for primary schools that uniquely...  
Our Price€8.95
Mata Beo 3 - Third Class
Mata Beo Rang a Trí is a complete maths programme in Irish for 3rd class. Each activity in...  
Our Price€16.20
Mata Draíochta 3
Irish language edition of the widely-used Mathemagic book for Third Class.
Our Price€18.80
Mata Meabhrach 3rd Class
In this series, Mental Maths, provides an opportunity for students to understand mathematical...  
Our Price€4.50
Mathemagic 3 Textbook
Mathemagic 3 for 3rd Class: • The Mathemagic Series provides complete coverage of the...  
Our Price€18.80
Mathemagic Shadow Book 3
• Mathemagic Shadow Book 3 for 3rd Class. • Mathemagic Shadow Books are designed to...  
Our Price€7.80
Mathemagic Table Book
Ideal for use throughout primary school this table book contains all the relevant tables.
Our Price€2.40
Maths Assessment 1st Class
Features: one photocopiable assessment activity for every objective of the Irish maths...  
Our Price€24.95
Maths Assessment Tests 3
Maths Assessment Tests 3 for 3rd Class • Maths Assessment Tests will assess a pupil’s...  
Our Price€4.45
Maths Challenge 3 - Third Class
This is a series of 50 mental Maths tests for 3rd Class. • The tests encourage the use of...  
Our Price€7.10
Maths Mate Skills Book 3 - Third Class
Maths Mate 3 offers fresh, innovative and colourful opportunities for pupils of all abilities to...  
Our Price€8.75
Maths Matters 3 - Pupil's Book - Third Class
This is a comprehensive pupils book for 3rd Class and is part of the Maths Matters...  
Our Price€16.35
School Books Ireland
This assessment book is for 3rd Class students and is part of the Maths Matters programme. •...  
Our Price€3.40
Maths Matters 3 - Tried & Tested Follow On Book - Third Class
This follow on book is for 3rd Class pupils and is part of the Maths Matters programme. •...  
Our Price€9.90
Maths Time 3 - Third Class
Maths Time is a series of full-colour maths activity books for First to Sixth Class to develop and...  
Our Price€8.15
Maths Trails Made Easy! Glance Card
This is a four paged, laminated “fold-over” card, A4 in size. It comprises 16 trails (12...  
Our Price€4.50
Mental Calculation Skills Upper
Features: enjoyable activities, which improve pupils’ speed and accuracy activities...  
Our Price€18.95
New Wave Mental Maths 3
Re-written in line with the Maths Curriculum New Wave Mental Maths Workbooks will sit comfortably...  
Our Price€6.99
Operation Maths 3 - Discovery Book - Third Class
Operation Maths is an innovative and exciting maths programme, with fully integrated digital...  
Our Price€6.95
Planet Maths 3 - Satellite Activity Book - 2nd Edition - Third Class
A Maths Activity Book for 3rd Class. • Focuses on drills and skills for practice and...  
Our Price€7.10
Planet Maths 3 - Textbook - 2nd Edition - Third Class
A core Maths textbook for 3rd Class that provides: • Graded activities for...  
Our Price€17.65
Réalta Litriú B - 3rd Class
Réaltaí Litriú is a fun comprehensive programme in the new Gill Skills series...  
Our Price€9.50
Seaimpi­n na dTablai 3
• Tables Champion is a series of 6 books for 1st to 6th class. • This new series will...  
Our Price€3.95
Spellings & Tables Revised
A spelling and table book for pupils. It provides pupils and teachers with a handy reference tool...  
Our Price€6.85
Sum Detective 3 - Third Class
Sum Detective 3rd Class is a new book of Maths activities for 3rd class. It is in line with the...  
Our Price€7.90
Super Sleuth 3 - Third Class
TAKE THE PROBLEM OUT OF PROBLEM-SOLVING. Super Sleuth is a unique maths series for 1st to 6th...  
Our Price€7.50
Table Toppers 3
• The Table Toppers series presents a novel approach to the teaching of Tables. • There...  
Our Price€8.40
Table Toppers 4
• The Table Toppers series presents a novel approach to the teaching of Tables. • There...  
Our Price€8.40
Tables Champion 3
• Tables Champion is a series of 6 books for 1st to 6th class. • This new series will...  
Our Price€3.95
Tables Expert C - 3rd Class
Tables Expert C covers multiplication and division and is colourful, enjoyable and packed full of...  
Our Price€7.25
The Primary Table Book
Mathematics Tables suitable for Primary Pupils. • The clear layout makes it easy for pupils...  
Our Price€1.80
Time For Tables
Time for Tables is a new and revolutionary table book from The Educational Company. • This...  
Our Price€3.55
Work It Out - Mental Maths Activities - 3rd Class
Numeracy is the ability to use mathematical skills and understanding to solve problems. To...  
Our Price€4.95
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