Today's World Book 1 - Core Textbook - 3rd Edition

Today's World Book 1 - Core Textbook - 3rd Edition

Today's World Book 1 - Core Textbook - 3rd Edition

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A new and improved edition of the best-selling Today’s World for Leaving Certificate Geography, providing even greater continuity from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle.

Clear, concise and simplified straightforward language used throughout.

Covers all three core units of the Leaving Certificate Ordinary and Higher Level courses, including geographical investigation.

Content provides students with Significant Relevant Points for the Leaving Certificate exam.

A greater emphasis on exam skills for the Leaving Cert examination.

Includes a section explaining exam terms, marking and directions on planning answers.

A fresh and more approachable layout, with new and improved full-colour OS maps, photographs and satellite images, helps to illustrate key learning points.

Contains more aerial photos and mapsthan any other textbook on the market.

Includes brand new up-to-date case studies and statistics which reflect the changed economic and social environment.

Contains up-to-date information on the Japanese Tsunami, Haiti Earthquake and current economic problems.

Exam-style questions and actual exam questions provided at the end of each chapter.

Short margin questions also help to stimulate discussion.

Text boxes are provided throughout containing definitions and geo facts.

Continuity and linkages between the settings and regions selected in Today’s World Core Book and those in the Elective and Optional Units.