The Future Is Now - Ciarán Mullooly

The Future Is Now - Ciarán Mullooly

The Future Is Now - Ciarán Mullooly

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Many were surprised when RTE's award-winning Midlands News Correspondent Ciaran Mullooly walked away from the national broadcaster in 2021 after more than 25 years of service, yet those who knew him best realised he would continue with the work he was ultimately most passionate about - community development.

Ciaran has been a prominent commentator on the demise of employment in peat harvesting on the Midlands bogs and its overall impact on the region, and was an influential participant in the subsequent Just Transition process which initially promised so much to local families and communities.

In this his third book, Ciaran writes candidly about events in RTE since he left, the urgent strategic public policy required to save the regions outside of Dublin from further significant job losses, and the critical commitment needed for genuine urban and rural regeneration.

Finally, for budding community development volunteers and leaders, there's a special guide as to how you too can most effectively succeed in getting your own village or town moving again.

Ciaran previously wrote
Death on Holy Thursday: the Shooting of John Carthy in Abbeylara (2006) and
Back to the Future: Reflections on Rural Life, Recession and Renewal over 30 Years of Journalism (2015).