The Essential Parents Guide To The Primary School Years

The Essential Parents Guide To The Primary School Years

The Essential Parents Guide To The Primary School Years

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The Essential Parents’ Guide to the Primary School Years
An invaluable book for every parent who wants to ensure that their child gets the most from their Primary school years.

This book has been written to provide parents with a guide to what their children will be taught in Primary school in Ireland. By knowing more about the topics in the curriculum, and how they might be taught, parents will hopefully feel more connected and involved in the process. This should enable them to play a more active and supportive role, throughout these crucial years of early education.

The book describes each subject in the curriculum in detail. There is a section on how best to deal with homework. The guidebook also provides information on some of the learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and ADD, describing the early signs to look out for and providing reassurance and reference points for further information.

The Primary curriculum was revised in 1999 and now comprises of eleven subjects. The Parents’ Guidebook provides an overview of each one. In addition, each subject is reviewed as it relates to relevant age groups:

• Junior and Senior Infants
• 1st and 2nd Class
• 3rd and 4th Class
• 5th and 6th Class

The book seeks to be informative, not instructional, avoiding jargon and educational terminology and the overall tone is as light and conversational as possible. It is not intended to educate you fully on the subject matter; it is merely intended to describe the core elements of each subject, enabling you to make a more positive contribution to the primary education of your child or children.

The book contains:

• A detailed overview of each subject, giving you a general understanding of the material being covered
• Each subject described as it applies to specific age categories
• Some guidelines as to how a particular topic may be taught
• A description of how each subject has changed, since ‘our day’
• Lots of suggestions as to how you might help at home, both in terms of homework and in general day-to-day activities
• Articles by education professionals on:
• Assessment
• The importance of play
• Aims and principles of the curriculum
• Development of thinking and problem-solving skills
• Learning difficulties

Ultimately, it is hoped that, as parents, you will have a better understanding of:

• What children are learning in Primary School
• How they are being taught
• Your vital role in the education of your child