Let's Go - Core Reader - Wonderland Stage Three - Fourth Class

Let's Go - Core Reader - Wonderland Stage Three - Fourth Class

Let's Go - Core Reader - Wonderland Stage Three - Fourth Class

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• Let's Go! is the first of two readers in Stage Three of the Wonderland Literacy Programme, which are designed for use in Middle Standards. Each reader contains 20 extracts from published children’s literature, 10 fact units and 10 poems.

• The published extracts have been carefully chosen by peer reviewers and cover a wide range of reading genres – classic, historic, contemporary, fact, humour, adventure, boy/girl, mystery/detective, and myth & legend. They have been graded to ensure an age-appropriate level of difficulty, with a gradual and continued progression. The works of a wide range of authors have been used so as to expose the pupils to as many different writ8ing styles as possible. It is hopped that this will encourage the pupils to read the complete range of book, all of which are in print and readily available.

• Each extract is followed by a series of activities, comprising oral language development, grammar/punctuation, comprehension, vocabulary, phonics and the writing process. There is a minimum of eight activities for each extract, with further activities included in the accompanying Teachers Notes. All are designed in line with the Primary School Curriculum English Language Teachers’ Guidelines (page 61): ‘Children will need a consistent and structured experience of questioning, discussing, and probing the text in order to arrive at its full meaning.’

• The 10 fact units and 10 poems alternate between the extracts and are thematically based, where appropriate. The fact units are followed by a comprehensive series of activities, which aim to test comprehension, develop vocabulary, stimulate creativity and encourage research skills. Fact boxes are used throughout to enrich the content. Activities on the 10 poems are included in the Teacher’s Notes.

• It is not intended that any children should write in their textbook. Rather, all activities should be done in their copybooks. Space-holding lines have been used in some activities to enable a wider range to be included in the reader than was otherwise possible (e.g. cloze procedures, etc).

• The Teachers Notes that accompany Let's Go! Feature a comprehensive week-by-week, month-by-month scheme outlining all elements included in the book. Oral language development, 20 extra poems, extension activities, drama and games based on the reading and factual material are also included.