Health, Safety & Welfare Law in Ireland - 2nd Edition

Health, Safety & Welfare Law in Ireland - 2nd Edition

Health, Safety & Welfare Law in Ireland - 2nd Edition

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Updated edition of this popular introduction to health, safety and welfare law in Ireland covering all areas of occupational health and safety law, including guidelines on all recent legislation and safety documents.

New to this edition:
Health and safety strategy document 2010–2012
Updated guidelines on workplace violence and bullying
Guidelines on stress management
Guidelines on occupational asthma and dermatitis
Artificial radiation in the workplace
Annual Report of the Health and Safety Authority, including inspections by the Authority and legal proceedings conducted by the Authority
Guidelines on Chemical Safety (Chemical Safety Act 2008)
Irish Immunisation Schedule 2011
Updated guidelines on farm safety, including special new guidelines for young farm workers and farm children and the safe use of farm machinery.

Describes the principal duties and obligations of employers and employees as outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Acts 1989 to 2005, including subsequent Regulations.

Addresses issues relating to the provision and promotion of safe and healthy working practices, systems and training.

Identifies risk factors in relation to safety under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations.

Introduces legislative provisions governing employee welfare and considers the issue of insurance in relation to the workplace and the law governing this practice.

Examines the role and function of the Health and Safety Authority, the Rights Commissioner, Employment Equality Authority, Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Labour Court in relation to workplace welfare.

Suitable For:
Students taking courses on which Safety and Health at Work FETAC Level 5 is a module.
FáS Safe Pass courses