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Alles Klar Pack - Junior Cycle German - Includes Free eBook

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Features of Alles Klar

  • Provides all the material you need for First to Third Year
  • Popular topics build a foundation for communication and expression
  • Learning intentions outline topics, grammar and culture at the start of each chapter
  • Integrated listening, reading, oral and writing excercises
  • In chapter grammar feature followed by practice tasks
  • Wortschatz and glossary translate new words and phrases
  • Phasing out of English instrauctions after early chapters
  • Lerntipp! feature fosters language awareness
  • Self-assessment checks after key topics
  • Stadtbild feature builds socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness
  • Wiederholung at the end of each chapter reinforces new vocabulary and concepts 
  • Deutsch Direkt feature provides real-world context in the form of authentic texts 
  • Grammatik-Kurzreferenz gives an easy-to-reference overvew of grammar


A place for students to: 

  • Create texts and develop skills in preperation for Classroom-Based Assessments
  • Revise and record responses to oral questions
  • Relfect on and evaluate their progress and idnetify learning strategies.
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